Villa D

1LDK(With loft)

Building D has a kitchen/dining room, a Japanese-style room with 8 tatami mats, and a loft.

There is a dog run next to the villa and you can enjoy playing with your dog.

Located in the foot of Mt. Fuji, at an altitude of 1000m, the chartered cottage is a natural private space.

In addition to a clean bath, toilet and kitchen, it also has cooking utensils. You can spend a comfortable time feeling the nature.

Room Size

Japanese-style room (capacity 3), loft (capacity 2), kitchen, bath, toilet


Air conditioner, Fan, heating, refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster, hair dryer, electric kettle, slippers, rice cooker,

coffee maker, wine opener, can opener, wine glass, cup, coffee cup, soup bowl, plate, frying pan, pan, chopping board,

kitchen knife, fork, spoon, Chopsticks, TV, flashlight

​Check out

After 15:00


Other services

BBQ equipment set (charged)

Dog OK