Measures against COVID-19

Thank you for your continued patronage of Forest Villa Yamanakako.
As of July 20, this facility meets the conditions for participation in the Go To Travel business presented by the government, so we will apply for participation as an accommodation business operator. Upon application, we will operate in accordance with the participation conditions of the following accommodation companies announced by the Japan Tourism Agency.


■ This villa is a private villa type accommodation facility that has few opportunities for customers to come into contact with each other.

From the reservation to the day of your stay, we will guide you in principle non-face-to-face and non-contact during your stay.
■ Implementation of disinfection

We disinfect the facility with alcohol in order to ensure a thorough preventive system.

Rubbing alcohol is installed in each building, so please cooperate in disinfecting your hands.

In addition, we ask that you gargle and wash your hands during your stay.

■ Wearing a mask As a general rule, the staff wears a mask. Customers are also kindly requested to cooperate in wearing masks outside the guest rooms.

■ Request for temperature measurement at check-in and distribution of health check sheet We ask customers to request temperature measurement at check-in and fill out the health check sheet.
If you feel unwell during your stay, please let us know by phone or message.
For long-term reservations, we may ask you about the purpose of your stay, so we ask for your cooperation.

■ We apologize for the inconvenience, but please refrain from using this product from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of infections such as the new coronavirus if any of the following items apply.

・ Persons who have traveled abroad within 2 weeks ・ Persons with fever (37.5 degrees or higher) ・ Persons with cold-like symptoms (cough, malaise, etc.) ・ Persons with close contact with infected persons One

If applicable, please cancel in advance.

Even if it is discovered on the day of use, we will refuse to use it. No cancellation fee will be charged in that case.

* Please refrain from group trips for young people, group trips for elderly people who are liable to become seriously ill, and trips with a large number of banquets according to the request from the country.

* The above may be updated in accordance with the policies of the Japanese government and related organizations, and we may ask you to take action. Thank you for your cooperation.


The Go To Travel Campaign discount on Airbnb will start in mid-October .

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